Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#3 - You're invited-- Due date: Oct. 4th

The circus has deserted the plot they were occupying. It’s dusty ground still contains the glass shards from the incident in the gold tent. The blackout and exploding chandeliers. “Random,” people in the town call it, “Not worth our time,” the police declare. But is it?

Many residents have noticed that same energetic man advertising the circus, and the round circus master have stayed behind. They have been seen at the underground trailer park, where they’ve apparently rented a trailer.

The bar is hosting a forum, an environmental group that preaches ideals of a smaller carbon footprint and energy star washing machines. It’s an invitational only event. So far invites have been sent to all residents on Winthrop, but no one knows who sent them.

It’s started to get colder. Frosty winds and temperatures below 50 have become a regular. There’s been no snow so far.

Your blog should be between 400 - 500 words only.


There are no specific pairing of characters this week, but you should read some blogs and write another character into your scene this week in some way. Below is the part of the above scene that you will use. In this scene, your character will learn something essential, frightening, enlightening, disturbing, or joyful about his or herself that has never revealed itself before. Whatever it is, it should shift the character out of past actions and motivations into something new.

Those who go to the forum:
Chambly, Sail, Joon, Ed, Tom, Ridley, Paul, Briar, Micheal, Beck, Margo

Those who worry about or encounter the two circus people who stay:
Mab, Eadon, Sep, Banks, Nathaniel, Maxwell

Those who struggle with the cold:
Ava, Maya, Jupiter, Timma, Lev

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