Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Now that the rain has stopped, the police are at a standstill. No new leads have occurred other than a homeless man from out of town that turned out to be a dead end. 

The next week, the circus appears at midnight. No one hears it, no one sees it, but it’s there between the train station and the abandoned park by the time the sun rises. It is seemingly vacant, but outside of the ticket booth is a sign that reads: HERE FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. THURSDAY7PM

When the circus arrives, the lights on the 7th floor are all on. No one lives on the 7th floor. The Ringmaster stands at bus stop on the corner of Blackburn and Juniper all day handing out tickets. His pants are striped and his plum hat is a foot tall. His eyes are shockingly green, but he never blinks, and his mustache is always curled into a smile. There’s a monkey that sits on his shoulder, old, balding, and senile, who listens to no one but the ringmaster. 

The circus has no animals, just people that act like animals. There’s one rollercoaster, a wooden one that creaks a lot. It has three tents, two smaller ones with plum and white stripes adorning the sides and the big one is gold. There are acrobats, “lion tamers,” house of mirrors, clowns, contortionists, a really fat lady, and a set of twins. The girl twin can control fire, and the boy twin can control ice. Neither one of them has ever spoken, and they only appear during showtime. They’re the main event. 

Ava Sexton/ Maxwell Talus
Margo Green/ Paul Paul
Banks Avery/ Chambly Maralise
Eadon Stevenson/ Ridley Aberdeen
Beck Wingarskeek/Nathaniel Stone
Sep Caverly/ Sail Vanleer
Joon Rawling/ Ed Banks
Jupiter Jackson/Briar Leyman
Timma Jean/ Mab
Maya Kaur/Bridgette Hutson
Tom Greasent/Michael Hay
Elysia Morrison/Lev Osokin

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