Monday, August 29, 2016

#1 - additions to the city

The Aquarium: One large tank that with rotating fish in it. Tiny fish tanks also occupy the aquarium that have goldfish in them. Aquarium located in large warehouse.
Winthrop Pool: Abandoned pool completely emptied with collapsing buildings surrounding it.
Cee’s Coffee and Bagels: Small shop, the outside of the shop is forest green. The inside is naturally lit, so it has lots of windows. Exactly 15 tables.
Rose’s Records: Pink brick on the with thorns on the inside.
Carnival Dinner: 24 hour dinner. Has been there forever, and the menu hasn’t ever changed. Inside painted White with primary colors, you can tell it use to be a cool place at one point, but now it’s not anymore. Large flashing lit up sign in the window.
Serenity Cafe: Small Cafe that serves only breakfast and lunch. Closes at 4pm and isn’t open on Thursdays.
Lamp post: Covered in flyers, place where people go to look for lost things and where people go to look for things.
Green Greenhouse: Best flowers ever. Open very randomly. Sometimes when you walk past it might be open, other time it might not. Use to be something else you can tell by the sign. The ‘s is crossed out. Circular.
The Underground Trailer Park: Actually above ground. Has 6 trailers, but only one is lived in by the owner Picasso who has a blind dog named Pablo. No one has ever seen Picasso but Pablo runs to the fence and barks at people that pass by.
Debra’s Matt: Next to Winthrop Place (apartment building) because the building doesn’t have laundry. Old, small, and run by an old Russian lady named Katia. She only speeks.
The Bar: Very small known for being a venue for small time musicians to play at. Also is a bar.
The Temple: Fortune telling shop. Triangular.
Plaza Mejor: Ethnic grocery store.
Abandoned Apartments: Three or four stories, everybody use to live there but now it’s completely abandoned.
Winthrop Place Public Library:
Jimmy’s Used Bookstore: Tiny used bookstore that’s covered with old books. Extremely cluttered and unorganized. The bottom floor is for the story, but it has a loft space for offices. The offices aren’t any more organized or uncluttered than the first story.

Elliot ( Banks) - Jimmy runs the bookstore

Moses - little boy, maybe 8 plays on the playground alone.

Mark works a Plaza Major.

Rachael Heights High School

Briar - Dad Leyman

Floor one: 101 (Ed)
Floor two: 202 (Paul) 222 (Nathaniel)
Floor three: 304 (Beck) 307 (Micheal) 308 (Banks) 309 (Timma)
Floor four: 402 (Tom) 404 (Maya) 407 (Briar)
Floor five: 505 (Ridley)
Floor six: 606 (Sep) 606 (Eadon) 608 (Sail)
Floor seven: vacant
Floor eight:
Floor nine:
Floor ten: 1007 (Joon)
Floor eleven:
Floor twelve: 1212 (Margo)
Floor Thirteen: 1309 (Ava)

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