Monday, August 22, 2016

#1 - The day started with....

Today is the first day of Blog City.  Your post should introduce your character without a formal introduction.

The day started with a thunder storm.  At 5 AM the storm began with a bang.  Rain and water run everywhere, and possibly into everything.  By 8 AM, the thunder and lighting have faded and now there's just a steady rain.  The sky remains dark and cloudy all day and into the evening hours.  By midnight, the rain has stopped.

It is early autumn, and the air is still warm, but not so much so.

Around 7:30 PM, a yellow glow can be seen from the corner top windows of the abandoned apartment building near the abandoned pool.

The police have been busy all day and into the night.  Aside from the rain and all the traffic that ensues, they also must deal with a  possible fatality.  In Winthrop Park a pool of blood has been found on the floor of the small gazebo near the fountain. The wind must have pushed the rain in the other direction.  The blood lay quietly, like a small still pond.  There is no body, only a note  scribbled by a shaky states: "You haven't got rid of me, yet. I will return."

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