Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#4 - Who Done It? Due date: Oct. 26th

The weather has dropped to the high 30’s during the day and well into  the 20’s at night. It has become the coldest winter Winthrop Place has ever seen and it’s expected to become even colder as the year progresses. Some trees still hold onto their leaves but for the most part the leaves are scattered over the streets, no one has cleaned the streets yet.
There becomes a concern that the circus folk are the ones causing the strange things happening all over town, there’s a rumor that says the ring leader is the one that left the pool of blood a few weeks before.
In the lobby of Winthrop Place there’s a sign up inviting the residents to a Murder mystery themed party encompassing the entire 7th floor. The host as also slipped flyers for the party under everyone’s door, but who is the host? It’s held on a Saturday night, those who RSVP are given roles in the party’s mystery.
Surprisingly, everyone wants to go and receives the invitation under their door at exactly at 11:11 PM. The invitation reads:

"Hello. We are excited that you are coming to dinner with us. Hopefully, you will make it through the night. This is a black tie affair, please dress accordingly. Take care to prepare your character roles. Your life may depend on it.

Time: 8:18
Place: 7th Floor storage room" (It's a huge space with various, discarded items, boxes and whatnot)

Here are your roles:
Party host - Sep
Detective - Paul Paul
Sidekick - Ava
Murdered - Briar
Murderer - Sail
The Mayor - Eadon
Doctor - Tom
Professor - Jupiter
Race Car Driver - Micheal
Rich Housewife - Timma
Real Estate Agent - Maxwell
Butler - Ridley
Maid - Margo
Waiter - Lev
Waiter - Joon
Waiter - Chambly
Cook - Maya
Lawyer - Beck
Bank owner - Banks(of course!)
Husband of rich house wife - Ed
Author - Nathaniel
Accomplice - Mab

At one point, about 9:31 PM, the lights go out, there's a scream, and the lights come back on. There is a dead body, but it isn't one of the above people. It is, in fact, the side kick to the circus ring master. When the lights come on, he is laying on the floor next to the party's murdered person, Briar. The actual murderer isn't the party's murderer. In fact, now there is a real murder on their hands. You should write your character to that moment: when the lights come back on. You can start at any point, but end at that moment.

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