Friday, April 21, 2017

# 7 - Somewhere over the rainbow...

It's late afternoon and there was a brief pop-up thunderstorm.  The storm has stopped and the sun reappears.  It's 11:32 in the morning.  Now, a double rainbow curves over the neighborhood. One rainbow ends in the middle of the pond. Where the rainbow ends, bubbles are gurgling out of the pond. The other end of the rainbow ends somewhere in the woods.  There is a farmer's market set-up between the pond and the water tower. Some people wander toward the pond while others are too caught-up in the recent news to pay attention.

People are headed to free waffles at the Karnival Diner.  They look up to see the rainbow while waiting in line and talk about the recent discovery. Afterward, some head toward the flea market set-up between See's Cafe and the abandoned apartment building. They hear birds chirping in the willow trees.

The day before, a cop walks into the diner like usual, but suddenly announces that he's discovered the missing body from the "Gazebo Murder."  It's been a year since the crime was committed, but the mystery game party murder still lingers, too. Somehow, the discovery doesn't sit well with most people.

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